"Vielight" featured in City News, Toronto.  Click icon to link to VIDEO showing the Vielight Transcranial Neuro Gamma being used on a patient with Alzheimers 


"Healing the Brain with Light"

Broadcasted on TV on 12 January 2020

by Carte Blanche, South Africa

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"Research shines light on sports brain trauma (TBI)" - Prof. Larry Carr, Ph.D / Vielight

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"Better Brain Health with Photobiomodulation"

- interview with Dr Lew Lim" 

(by Mike Mutzel)

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"How to do Ozone Insufflation" 

(by Truly Heal, Australia)

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"Using Light Therapy to study COVID-19"

by City News, Toronto - 21 October 2020

Light therapy has been used in many different studies from Alzheimer’s disease to PTSD, but now one Toronto-based company is using it in a trial study for COVID-19. 

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Institut fur EEG-Neurofeedback - IFEN

Thomas Feiner, a German pioneer in Neuromodulation, founder of the Institute for EEG-Neurofeedback demonstrates how pulsed near infra-red light changes EEG shown in LORETA brain imaging technology.  The effects are clearly seen in Gamma frequency at 40 Hz.  The intranasal emitting electrode stimulates the prefrontal lobes.

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Vielight Animated Video Intranasal

Vielight Animated Video Neuro Alpha / Neuro Gamma