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What is ozone?

For optimum health

Ozone (O3) is a molecule that consists of three negatively charged oxygen atoms and is a normal constituent of the earth's atmosphere.  Ozone is produced deliberately for a variety of individual purposes and medical therapy purposed and is also produced naturally from oxygen whenever ultra-violet radiation or electrical discharge occurs e.g. at high altitudes or by the action of lightning.  Ozone itself is a distinctly blue coloured gas (bp - 111.9 deg.C) and is about one and a half times heavier that air (density 2.144g/l).

What is medical ozone therapy?

In medicine, ozone therapy is used to disinfect and treat diseases by limiting the effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa.  This results in improving the body's intake and use of oxygen and activating the immune system.

This therapy has been studied and used for over 150 years.  During the First World War, its application to wounds showed not only its ability to disinfect but also to aid blood flow and produce anti-inflammatory effects.


  • inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, yeast and protozoa

  • stimulating the immune system to speed up healing

  • improving circulation by cleaning the arteries and veins

  • purifying blood and the lymphatic system

  • normalising hormone and enzyme production

  • anti-inflammatory properties

  • reducing pain

  • improving brain function and memory

  • repairing leaky gut

  • detoxification of liver

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